Apply to the Summit Program


Students in grades 9 - 12 may apply at any time throughout the year.  Program requirements and the application are available below—please don't hesitate to reach out to us for information or questions.  We are looking forward to speaking with you.  

This year there is a priority application deadline of February 26, 2018all interested students are encouraged to apply before then.  


Program Requirements:

Pre-Summit Program

Summit Program

Students are eligible for the Pre-Summit Program if they:

  • Have 1+ days of sobriety
  • Are an active member of a recovery support group, or in the process of joining one
  • Show willingness to do school work and participate in Summit Program activities
  • Follow their individualized plan for recovery (as determined by their counselor, therapist, or recovery group leader)
  • Students participate in Pre-Summit until they are eligible and meet the requirements for the traditional Summit Program.

Students are eligible for the Summit Program if they:

  • Have 60 days or more of consecutive sobriety (with at least 30 days post-residential treatment discharge)
  • Are an active member of a recovery support group
  • Have a recommendation from their counselor (or recovery support group or therapist) stating that the student is ready to enter the Summit Program. 
  • Exhibit a strong commitment to recovery and are working a program of recovery (12-step program encouraged, but 12-step not required)
  • Are following counselor (or recovery program) recommendations for any medical, mental health, or other significant second-stage recovery issues