Summit Program at 5280 High School


The Summit Program supports the educational needs of teenagers in recovery from addiction, eating disorders, and other similar conditions.  It is often scary and overwhelming for a teen to start a treatment program or begin their journey of recovery.  However, getting sober or getting to a healthy weight is only the beginning of building a foundation for a lifetime of recovery.  One of the biggest challenges teens face is when they re-enter school.  Many students report feeling isolated, misunderstood, judged and lost when they return to the classroom.  Studies have shown that young people who start on the path to health but then return to the same people, places and things that got them into trouble dramatically reduce their chances for a successful recovery. 

5280's Summit Program offers students in recovery an opportunity to grow (academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually) by integrating the principles of recovery into their education.  The Summit Program, and the culture and academics of 5280 High School, create an environment where students in recovery can truly flourish. 


Two Programs for Recovery


Pre-Summit Program

The Pre-Summit Program is designed specifically for students in early recovery (1-60 days of sobriety) or right out of a treatment setting.  This program allows students in early recovery to attend school and begin making progress towards their academic goals while they are working to meet the Summit Program admission criteria.  Pre-Summit students do not attend regular 5280 classes but work on credit recovery and receive extra recovery support from Summit staff.


Summit Program

The traditional Summit Program focuses heavily on academic curriculum and offers recovery support as needed.  Summit students follow the regular daily class schedule of 5280 High School, with an emphasis on college readiness and academic success.


Both programs provide the social support, accountability, therapeutic structure, service opportunities & academic planning necessary for students to flourish and feel excited about education again.  

Summit staff include the Summit Program Director, a licensed clinician with experience with teenagers in recovery, as well as trained Recovery Coaches.  Staff collaborate with community providers to ensure that every student receives the support he or she requires.  All education staff are provided by 5280 High School.


For More Information or To Enroll

The Summit Program is accepting students in 9th - 12th grades.  Enrollment into the Summit Program occurs on an ongoing basis.

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