The 5280 CommUnity

Connecting a School Around Tables Filled With Fresh Food!

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Students Serving Students

Imagine smelling the most scrumpslydumshish meal you have ever eaten while walking through the front doors of 5280 High School. Right as you step in, you smell a delicious aroma in the air. Then you take a few steps and instantly to your left you see students serving food to their friends, who are chatting away. You don’t even see a single student alone or on their phones, because they are engaged in talking to one another while consuming a delicious meal they all had a part in making. Yep, that’s right, they were all able to do what they were passionate about. What you can see is a kitchen that grows the fresh food right beside it. You even overhear some of the chefs asking other students eating to plant more kale, carrots, and cucumbers due to only having a few more left in the garden.

Do you know how big that little act of being connected with others is? In case you have not heard, there used to be this super close-knit CommUnity in Roseto, PA where they too had those very same connects. It’s called the Roseto Effect and it turns out to help humans be physically and philosophically healthier. The town of Roseto when studied back in the ’60s had NO crime, suicide, or addictions and subsequently, the people lived 30% longer on average than the typical American at that time. Now, how do you think we could cross-pollinate this idea with more schools?

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