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A 3D printed Hydroponics Vertical Learning Garden Project!

The first model of the 3D printed Vertical Learning Garden is in the top right.

The first model of the 3D printed Vertical Learning Garden is in the top right.


Save a Student - A Fictional Narrative

Written by Tanaja Payne, 9th grade

There is a state. In that state, there is a city. In that city, there is a school. And in that school, there's a boy named Thomas. Thomas is a normal kid. But bullies always seem to point out the parts where he's not normal—where he's flawed. Today Thomas walks down the hall. The bullies also walk down the hall moving closer and closer toward “normal” Thomas. They catch up to Thomas and push him into a wall. 

“Thomas, you are a loser,” they shout to hurt his feelings. This time it doesn't work. But, the bullies do this every day after that. They whittle away at him little by little until he's nothing. Until he feels abnormal and everyone around him thinks so too. This isn't right. Thomas shouldn't feel like his ears are too big, that his haircut is stupid, or that he talks weird. Maybe if the school had done a better job at building its community up, teaching kids to respect each other, this story could be different. There is a school and in that school, there is a community. And in that community, there is a boy and his friends.

This is why we invite you to make a donation to help us at 5280 High School to 3D print a Hydroponic Vertical Learning Garden. That will ultimately allow us to create and be a part of a deeply connected community based around fresh food. This will allow our community to grow together all year long. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to make a HUGE impact on our students and our community which you could be a part of. Please share and donate because every little bit helps this project to sprout successfully .

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