Into The Wild

Project Description

There is a large part of your life that may already be planned out for you, and many times for good reason. Safety and security can help keep you, well, safe. There is no real “formula” to a meaningful life, because it’s something you have to figure out for yourself, but some choices can benefit you more than others. The people around you may already be expecting certain things from you in the foreseeable future: a social media presence, solid grades or extracurriculars that lead to a good college, a prestigious career,  meeting the right person, saving for a house, starting a family, saving for retirement, and repeating the cycle with your children.

In this project, we will explore both the external influences that drive your decisions, as well as your personal philosophy that makes your life yours. Chris’ journey will be the outline for our own exploration of self and serve as an inspiration to evaluate the future path we may have in mind.

Essential Questions


  • How does society influence the individual?

  • What is the individual’s role in influencing the experience of those around them?

Life Path:

  • What societal, cultural and familial expectations should be challenged?

  • How can you use external influences to help guide your path?

Humans and Nature:

  • How can the natural world provide answers to human questions?

  • What is the relationship between culture and the environment?

Learning Goals


Phase One: Into the Wild

  • Book comprehension

  • Character / conflict / theme analysis

  • Paragraph writing

  • Research, budgeting and planning

Phase Two: Historical Rebels

  • Real world connection

  • Historical analysis

  • Rebels and their legacy

Phase Three: Personal LifeBelt

  • Personal connection

  • Identify personal catalysts & life goals

  • Create a personal philosophy

  • Analyzing external influences (“happiness only real when shared”)