Core Academic Program

Students will take the following classes at 5280:

  • Humanities I, II, & III (English & Soc. Stud. combined)

  • English IV

  • Math I, II, III, & IV (integrated Algebra, Geometry, Calculus)

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, 1 other science elective

  • Engineering, 1-2 courses

  • Spanish I & II

  • Art, 1-2 courses

  • Multimedia I & II (Adobe Creative Suite apps)

  • 1 additional academic elective

  • 4 wellness electives each year (student choice)

  • Weekly Academic Advisory x 4 years

  • Intentional Community (every morning) x 4 years

  • 11th Grade Academic Internship for 4 weeks

  • 12th Grade Independent Senior Project

  • Intersession x 1 week every year

  • Optional: Concurrent enrollment at local colleges

    *Honors classes are offered and open to all students in grade 11 & 12 academic classes.


11th Grade Internship

All 11th graders complete a 4-week academic internship at a business, nonprofit or other organization by working with an adult expert in their field of interest.  Students authentically explore a career of interest, learn to navigate the complexities of a professional workplace, and practice communicating effectively with a wide range of adults.

College Coursework

All students have the option to pursue advanced study in specific topics by taking college classes through partnerships with local colleges. 

These intersession students built rafts and floated and camped on the river for 3 days (with life jackets on!).

These intersession students built rafts and floated and camped on the river for 3 days (with life jackets on!).


Intersession is a 1-week deep dive into an area of passion or interest that typically doesn’t occur within usual classes and academic disciplines.  Intersession allows students to pursue their passions and other worthy pursuits that don't typically occur during school.  Examples include backpacking, raft-building, 3D digital design, Claymation videography, Mock Trials, and more.

Senior Projects

Every 12th grade student designs a personalized learning experience tailored to their future goals.  Examples include scientific or artistic endeavors, internships, writing projects, community service work, and more.  

5280 Ensures All Students Are Successful

Smaller class sizes of 26 students per class—more individualized attention. 

Smaller school size (104 students per grade)—no one falls through the cracks. 

In-class support staff for students in special education, English language learners, and Summit Program students.  These Coaches work with students individually and in small groups to provide personalized support. 

Students have the option of 45 minutes of tutoring and additional academic support every day—plus additional opportunities before or after school.