We take a bold and meaningful approach to education.

And we're building a supportive culture focused on wellness, with an honest, direct approach to teenage challenges.

With the ultimate goal of creating prepared, thoughtful, and engaged graduates ready to excel in college or careers.


The world is changing, growing in complexity and ambiguity, and students need to be prepared for that future. 5280 High School aims to create the entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, collaborators & builders for future jobs and college success through project based learning.


Adolescents struggle with immense pressures, and we won't shy away from confronting these stressors to engage students in a safepositive community that builds empathy in a diverse world.  In addition, a small program within our school will provide peer support and a strong community for students in recovery from addiction, eating disorders, or other mental health challenges. 

honest, direct & supportive approach to tackling challenges

School today must be about more than just academics.  We embrace a wellness philosophy that develops students minds, hearts, bodies and souls, creating well-rounded and balanced adolescents.  5280 High School's culture is built upon holistic wellness, coupled with high levels of peer-to-peer and staff support.

WELLNESS-FOCUSEd, balanced & meaningful school culture


Students will leave 5280 High School prepared for the future and armed with the skills needed to succeed in college and diverse careers, and to solve complex problems--even those that haven’t yet been identified.