Libros De Ninos

Project Description

Libros de Niños is an interdisciplinary project in Spanish and Humanities. Students write, illustrate, and publish original bilingual children's books, with the help of a very special co-author…a Spanish speaking elementary school student!

The project builds connections to the community while doing the work of a professional author/illustrator, and both sets of students end up with a professionally published piece of literature that is meaningful, persersonalized, and engaging in both English and Spanish!

Essential Questions

Why do we tell stories?

Learning Goals

5280 students build the skills to:

  • Conduct an interview in Spanish

  • Analyze and identify the components of the traditional story structures including theme, climax, and essential vocabulary

  • Created and conducted parent surveys to gather information about the coauthor

  • Create an original children’s story based on information gathered during interviews

  • Utilize professional publishing tools including Photoshop and StoryJumper to create high quality illustrations

  • Building skills around collaboration, iteration, and editing

  • Public speaking and presenting in both English and Spanish

  • Synthesize the book making process for an artist statement used during exhibition