Hello 5280 parents.  Here is the link to the POL schedule for next week.  POLs are Presentations of Learning, where your child reflects on their learning over the past year, sets future goals, and justifies why they are ready for the next grade level.  Please note that your child will only come to school for the half day in which they are scheduled.  (For example, if their POL is Wednesday at 2:00pm, your child will not come to school on Tuesday, and will come to school on Wednesday from 12:50 - 3:45pm.)  During their half day, they will present their POL as well as attend other students' POLs for that half day.  If they do not pass their POL the first time, they will be scheduled for a revision POL on Thursday.  

**All Summit students will come to school every day to complete their Edgenuity courses, as well as participate in end-of-the-year Summit activities.  

The overall 5280 schedule for this week is:

- Monday: Memorial Day holiday

- Tuesday: POL schedule (see link above)

- Wednesday: POL schedule (see link above)

- Thursday: POL revisions (scheduled as needed)

- Friday: LAST DAY of school!  8:20am - 12:10pm (*All students need to leave by 12:30pm so 5280 staff can close out their year.)

If you have any questions about this week's schedule, feel free to reach out to me via text or email.  Thanks!

Melissa Mouton